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Thank you so much to everyone who donated! All of the money received from the initial sale of our single "i'll try." was passed on to a person in need who is just beginning their journey into eating disorder recovery.


We really appreciate everyone's support. Thanks to all who reached out to share their own experience. It can feel like a very solitary battle. If you are someone who is struggling, please check out our resources below and feel free to reach out for more information. You are not alone!

Center of Hope Counseling

Center of Hope Counseling is a group private practice whose mission is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive outpatient behavioral health therapy in the Mid Michigan area. Our counselors provide specialized services to those individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image issues, self confidence, and relationship problems. Each counselor uses evidence based interventions and theories in an ethical manner to help clients reach their individualized treatment goals. 

Eating disorders arise from a variety of physical, emotional, and social issues, all of which must be addressed for effective prevention and treatment. 

- National Eating Disorder Association

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More Resources and Information

National Eating Disorder Collaboration

More Information on Myths Surrounding Eating Disorders from the National Eating Disorder Collaboration *HERE* and check out the graphic below that was pulled from their website for more information. 

National Eating Disorder Association

Fear surrounding reaching out for help can be a large barrier in getting treatment. The National Eating Disorder Association provides services such as online chat and text that can lessen that barrier and make it easier to reach out. You can find out more about those resources by visiting their *WEBSITE* or calling/texting them at *1 (800) 931-2237*.

Center of Hope 

A big thank you to Lisa Carpenter and everyone at Center of Hope for all that they do. There are very few resources at the local level who provide the services and support that they do. Thank you for allowing us to work with you and helping us to contribute.

Informative Media

The Huberman Lab Podcast: *Healthy Eating & Eating Disorders - Anorexia, Bulimia, Binging*

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