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We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the talented artists listed below. Please go show them some love on their socials and support them by booking them for services or buying their art.

Nikolai Vansteenis
Lyfer Visuals

"Hello! I'm Nikolai, founder of Lyfer Visuals. I've spent around 8 years behind a camera, and 12 years in the music industry here in Michigan. Throughout my life, I've always been drawn to capturing the things in life that bring me joy, whether it be through photographs, videos, or music production. My goal with Lyfer is to make that same sense of permanency accessible to as many people as possible, while continuously growing and pushing myself to new limits creatively."

For more info check out the links below:




Mervyn Jones

Mervyn Jones is a concept artist, illustrator, and comic artist. You can find more of his art and support him following these links:



Mervyn Self Portrait.jpg

  More about Mervyn Click


Katelyn Scott

Born and raised in the mitt, Katelyn Scott has always had a wonder for nature, music, and art. 

She's been practicing art of all mediums since she was a young child. 

She is an advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves, and rasies awareness, while helping educate others about special needs kids/teens/adults. 

She's the wife of Cody Scott and mom to colton & juniper Scott.

Her greatest passion in life is to celebrate the differences in us all, because that's what makes life beautiful. 

IMG_8542 (1).jpeg

Courtney Hexham

Courtney Hexham is a musician and artist based out of traverse city, mi. she is the creator of wintterrae designs, and we thank her for our awesome logo! 

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